Exercise: What Can It Do For You?

Most of us could use a bit more exercise in our lives. Due to our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle, most people are far less active than their ancestors were. A lack of exercise can cause a number of different issues, including a higher likelihood of obesity. But what are the primary advantages of getting more exercise?

First, it is important to realize that a sedentary lifestyle is simply not healthy. Engaging in regular physical activity can be one of the best ways of improving your overall health and fitness. We are simply not designed to sit at rest most of the day…we are designed to move and work. Getting some daily exercise can help keep you healthy, fit and happy.

When you exercise, your muscles, heart and lungs get a workout. If you have not exercised for a while, you might feel as though exercise is too physically exhausting. This just means that you are out of shape, which is a clear sign that what you actually need is more exercise in your daily routine.

Aerobic exercise can help rev up your heart and lungs. If you find yourself getting winded when doing simple physical activities, this is a sign that you should incorporate some aerobic activities into your day. It can be as simple as jogging, or perhaps playing a sport such as basketball, soccer or tennis.

Stretching is also important for your muscles and agility. Yoga or other stretching exercises can make you more limber, and can even help alleviate aches and pains that are due to joint conditions such as arthritis. Making sure that your joints keep moving can be one of the best ways to ensure that they stay moving long term.

Muscle strength is also an important part of getting in shape and staying fit. This does not mean that you must engage in bodybuilding, although bodybuilding is a great way to work out and increase muscle strength. You can lift weights if you like, or try doing some resistance exercises. Simple, easy exercises such as push-ups are also great for strengthening muscles, and require no special equipment.

When planning your exercise regime, keep in mind that exercise should be fun. You will be far more likely to stick with your plan if it is something that you enjoy. Swimming, playing sports, or simply going for a brisk walk around the block are enjoyable ways to get fit and have fun at the same time.